Grow Your Practice & Increase Revenue

At Resilience Billing, your growing therapy practice can thrive with the right support.

Billing Services for Mental Health

We provide our clients with effective, reliable, and sustainable billing solutions so they can focus on what matters, providing care and support for their patients, growing their practice, and increasing revenue. Our proven medical billing solutions ensure you and your practice receive consistent monthly results designed to support your overarching goals. We pride ourselves in understanding the challenges our clients face to run efficiently and have mastered a proven set of workflows and processes for a sustainable path to profitability.

Support & Peace of Mind for Mental Health Professionals

At Resilience Billing, our services are exclusive to psychotherapy and psychiatric practices. We leverage our expertise to tailor our therapy and medical billing services to your behavioral health practice’s specific needs and requirements. We are equipped to process and handle claims filing to nearly all major insurance companies and can simplify your therapy practice and streamline your revenue collections. Our extensive understanding of the behavioral health industry allows us to keep up with your growing patient volume and keep pace with your increased revenue streams and billing needs.

Billing Services
(Including ERAs and EOBs)

Innovative and proven medical billing solutions you can rely on with the security of electronic remittance advice (ERA), electronic funds transfer (EFT) from payers, and an in-depth explanation of benefits (EOB).

Metrics Reporting

Empowering clients to make critical decisions based on key performance indicators to drive growth and increase reimbursements.

Practice Consultation

Consulting services designed to get to the heart of sending and processing accurate claims for faster payments and fewer denied claims.

Group Practices

Our group practice billing solutions are designed to increase your reimbursements, decrease overhead and redundancies, and cut operational costs to help you reach your overarching goals.

Our team of dedicated billing professionals specializes in working within the mental health field.

The world of private practice encompasses many elements needed to be successful. Aside from patient care, private practice billing is the foundation of these elements. The rise of teletherapy services, coupled with an increase in individuals seeking mental health services, has led to an increase in volume and subsequent billing operations. 

As your behavioral health practice grows, more payer types fold into the revenue stream, and it becomes more complex to navigate revenue cycle management (RCM).

Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurers have unique rules, requirements, and guidelines. As you continue to expand and bill more patients, the more requirements and regulations you need to track and follow. 

Back-office slowdowns can hinder growth as you try to meet this increased demand. So why not leave the billing and finances to the experts, allowing you to focus on patient care and growing your practice?

Who We Help

Whether you are a solo practice looking to grow or a large group practice looking to streamline your billing and business operations, we are here to help. Regardless of the size of your practice, your business can benefit from partnering with a medical billing company.

With a variety of personalized and suite services to choose from, we’re here to help.

  • Streamline operations.
  • Help your practice grow.
  • Enhance reliability.
  • Increase reimbursements.
  • Spend more time caring for the emotional and behavioral health of your patients.