About Us

Our offerings range from tailored consulting projects to complete revenue cycle management. From filling the gaps within your billing team all the way to end-to-end full-service medical billing services, our solutions leverage a team of experts along with the latest innovative software to enable your growing practice to thrive in an ever-changing behavioral healthcare industry.

Resilience Billing is a mental health billing service located in northern Illinois specializing in the specific needs of psychotherapy and psychiatric practices. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we empower our clients with effective tools and solutions needed to ensure their financial processes run smoothly each week. Designed for practices of all sizes, our proven medical billing solutions ensure you and your practice receive consistent monthly results designed to support your overarching goals.

Relationships Matter

We believe relationships are the way forward for mental health professionals looking to grow their practices. When you partner with Resilience Billing, our team of medical billing experts takes the time to understand your organizational needs. We take great pride in creating customized solutions to support your overarching goals and devise sustainable solutions to accelerate toward them.

Our Mission

To provide the support needed to empower solo practitioners and group practices to expand their practice and increase their revenue streams.

Our Vision

To build and sustain our reputation as a leading service provider delivering high-quality consistently. We will continually train in the latest innovative solutions and leverage the latest advanced technologies to understand, meet, and exceed our client’s expectations.

Core Values

Excellence In Service
Integrity and Compliance

How it Started

Resilience Billing was founded in 2019 to support the management of a growing 22 provider outpatient group practice. Since then, we have added dozens of private practices to our growing community of clients, including solo practitioners, group psychotherapy practices, psychiatric providers and institutional teaching clinics. We are an organically grown company which developed within the behavioral health industry dedicated to helping group practices maximize their revenue while simultaneously growing their practice.

Our team of billing experts work with only the innovative platforms proven most effective for successful revenue cycle management, including TherapyNotes and Kareo. We take great pride in cultivating a psychologically healthy workspace for our team, modeling the same traits that we hope to foster in the practice development of our valued clients.

We look forward to working with you!