What is included in Resilience Billing medical billing services?

Our revenue cycle management services include managing all outbound claims and inbound remittances and payments. We provide patient benefits verification as part of our service agreement and have the experience to know the nuances of mental health benefit problem areas. We follow up on denied claims, and will provide guidance and support on appeals. We do not outsource our claims management process, as do many companies. We maintain an in-office team of trained billers that handle claims and remittance directly. We also provide custom practice volume metrics geared towards helping the practice owner assess monthly service completion rates. Practice consultation is provided on an as-needed basis as well.

How do we get our required billing information to Resilience Billing?

There are several ways for your office to get us your billing information, including:

  • Providing access to your EHR and practice management system
  • Scanning and uploading paper charges to our HIPAA compliant portal
  • Encrypted emailing

Will I lose control of my billing?

No. Quite the opposite. When you partner with a professional medical billing team, you gain more control over your billing. Our clients work with a dedicated Billing Account Manager and support staff, who provide greater oversight for their billing operations. Additionally, our clients have real-time access to our work in the billing software and access to weekly and monthly financial analysis for your review.

What billing systems are used for filing claims?

Our goal is to provide your practice with the most efficient way to manage your billing and finances. We work only with the platforms proven most effective for successful revenue cycle management, including TherapyNotes and Kare

What will the Resilience medical billing service cost my company?

Resilience Billing charges a percentage of net collections received by your practice. We charge based on collected revenue, not billed revenue. Net collection rates depend on the size, specialty, and services provided by an organization. Our solutions are very cost-competitive within the industry. Ultimately, we make money when you make money.

Will our data and patient information remain safe?

Absolutely. We keep all client data and patient information confidential and secure according to HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Will Resilience perform a strategic analysis of current billing processes?

Yes. Resilience Billing will provide a detailed analysis of billing practices to determine your deficiencies. Once we have a detailed understanding of your current billing challenges, our team will recommend changes to your billing process to ensure prompt payment and the most profitable billing solutions.

Does Resilience handle insurance verifications and authorizations?

Yes. We are a full-service billing and collections firm, completely trained on all aspects of medical billing including authorizations and verifications.

What happens when a billing claim is denied?

In the event of a denied claim, the Resilience Billing staff will automatically review and resubmit as needed. If additional documentation is needed by an insurer, we will work with your staff to obtain all necessary documentation to get you paid as quickly as possible.

Can you manage my outstanding Accounts Receivable?

Yes, we will analyze your accounts receivable report and get to work on collecting your money.