Frequently Asked Questions

What EHR platforms do you work with?

The list of software platforms we work with is growing steadily. We most often work with TherapyNotes, Kareo, SimplePractice and any system that will allow us to export billing data in a standardized format (which are quite a few). If you’re unhappy with your platform, we can help coach you on transitioning to something that fits you better.

How Do You Charge?

As is common in the industry, we charge a percentage of the revenue we manage. What is not always common is that we charge based on revenue that was collected, not just billed. If you don’t get paid, we don’t. If you’d like to discuss a pricing quote, get in touch with us so we can ask a few details about what your needs are.

How is Resilience Different?

Simply put, we’re relational…..just like you. We are a smaller, personable company created within the mental health field. We know the nuances of private practice, and like personal interaction. If you need help with a problem, we’re here to help and you’ll know our team by name. We believe our success is tied to yours, because we structure our relationships that way.  Practice management consultation comes with our billing service, as does access to our team of affiliate specialists in various aspects of practice development.

How Long Is Onboarding?

Usually 2-4 weeks, but sometimes longer if preferred by our clients. We help put together a plan to minimize the impact of transitioning to our services on you and your patients. If you’re considering having us take over your billing, we recommend you reach out at least a month ahead of time so we can get the necessary insurance paperwork submitted.

How Will My Patients Contact You? 

Our preferred method it to put a billing and registration link on your own website that takes patients to an individualized support page we build just for your office. This gives the feel that we are an integrated part of your team, and helps make sure you have a smooth process for submitting new patient info and having statement questions answered. They can always call or email us directly as well.

Do You Provide Insurance Benefit Checks?

Yes, that is included with our regular billing service agreement. Our turnaround time is typically 1-2 days, and we recommend waiting for the result before completing the first session with a new patient.

Do You Do Insurance Credentialing? 

Yes. We have a specialty company we work with for those applications, and we provide that at cost (we don’t upcharge). We’ll also help you determine which mix of insurance panels to pursue if you are unsure.

I’m New to Private Practice…..Can You Help??

You bet! We have experience in every single aspect of private practice. Consultation is included with our service agreement whether you have a practice that is well established with many employees, or you are taking your very first steps. We want to see you succeed!

Ready to Get Started?

We are here to help answer any question you may have and to share how Resilience Billing helps practices like yours each and every day.