Group Practices

Spend Less Time Billing & More Time Growing Your Practice

Specialized Medical Billing for Group Practices

One of the critical elements to the success of a group behavioral health practice lies in accurate and efficient medical billing. At Resilience Billing, we specialize in managing medical billing for group psychotherapy and psychiatric practices. Leveraging our expertise and extensive understanding of the behavioral health industry, we tailor our therapy and medical billing services to the specific needs of your group practice. Using the latest innovative technologies and solutions, we help our clients manage their growing patient volume while keeping pace with their increased revenue streams and billing needs.

Medical Billing Benefits for Group Practices

Complete Transparency
For most providers, transparency in revenue cycle management is a top priority, especially for larger group practices. At Resilience Billing, we provide our clients with comprehensive billing and metrics reports to ensure they understand what’s happening within their practice.
These reports provide a complete picture of the financial health of your practice to facilitate future growth. Our proven medical billing solutions ensure you and your practice receive consistent monthly results designed to support your overarching goals.

Increased Practice Efficiency
Up until now, you may have been managing your billing in-house, and while it’s been effective, you are fully aware you need help to manage the challenges that come with growing your practice. As you continue to expand and bill more patients, there are more requirements and regulations you need to track and follow. Any back-office slowdown can hinder growth as you try to meet this increased demand. When you partner with the medical billing professionals at Resilience, you and your team can focus your attention on patient care and growing your practice.

Decrease Practice Overhead
Why hire additional employees to manage in-house medical billing when you can work with a professional for a fraction of the cost? Fewer employees can streamline operational and financial processes, especially in larger group practices. In partnering with a medical billing expert, our clients cut operational costs and minimize the headaches that hinder organizational growth.

Enhanced Reimbursements
Clean claims are the key to on-time payments. Even if a claim is submitted immediately, there’s no assurance it will come back as a full reimbursement. Occasionally, claims get denied, which delays the reimbursement process. When you hand over the challenges of your billing process to mental health billing experts, you can trust that each claim is being coded accurately and sent out with the best odds of approval possible.

Denied Claims Support
In the event a claim is denied, our team will automatically review and resubmit any claim needed. If additional documentation is needed by an insurer, we will work with your staff to obtain all necessary documentation to get you paid as quickly as possible.

The added support you need to grow your group practice.

At Resilience Billing, our services are exclusive to psychotherapy and psychiatric practices. We help large group practices looking to streamline their billing and business operations so they can achieve their overarching goals. Our team leverages their expertise to tailor our therapy and medical billing services to the specific needs and requirements of your behavioral health group practice. Regardless of the size of your practice, your business can benefit from partnering with a medical billing company. With a variety of personalized and suite services to choose from, we’re here to help.

  • Streamline operations.
  • Help your practice grow.
  • Enhance reliability.
  • Increase reimbursements.
  • Spend more time caring for the emotional and behavioral health of your patients.