Whether you’re a new solo practice looking to grow or a thriving group practice looking to expand your services, getting paid can be frustrating, time-consuming, and complex. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you question whether your practice needs a medical billing provider, you do! There are so many benefits to partnering with a reputable medical billing service provider.

Partnering with a billing service provider

From verifying benefits and submitting claims to posting payments and managing denials, billing services providers allow you to outsource every aspect of your billing so you can focus on treating your patients and growing your practice. Billing services professionals know how to code sessions for maximum reimbursements and less frequent claims denials. 


  • Save time and money
  • Grow your practice
  • Streamlined billing and improved cash flow
  • Reduce accounting and administrative overhead costs
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy in your medical billing operations
  • Maximize reimbursements and minimize denials


Resilience Billing

At Resilience Billing, we provide our clients with effective, reliable, and sustainable billing solutions so they can focus on what matters, providing care and support for their patients, growing their practice, and increasing revenue. Our proven medical billing solutions ensure you and your practice receive consistent monthly results designed to support your overarching growth goals. 


Leveraging the power of innovative technologies, we empower psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, prescribing psychologists, neuropsychologists, licensed clinical professional counselors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers, and group practices to grow, streamline their billing, and increase reimbursements. But what exactly do we do?


Medical billing service offerings

At Resilience Billing, our services are exclusive to psychotherapy and psychiatric practices. Our extensive understanding of the behavioral health industry allows us to keep up with your growing patient volume and keep pace with your increased revenue streams and billing needs. 


Designed for practices of all sizes, our proven medical billing solutions allow you to not worry about the complex and ever-changing administrative tasks that come with running a revenue cycle. Our billing experts work with the innovative platforms proven most effective for successful revenue cycle management, including TherapyNotes and Kareo. 


Billing services

  • Benefits verification
  • Faster payments with direct deposits
  • Streamline reconciliation and posting
  • Claim submission and follow up
  • Remittance Processing (ERAs and EOBs)
  • Patient billing and account management
  • Reduce costs and improve cash flow
  • Comprehensive support to manage claims denial (to include guidance and support on appeals)
  • And much more


Metrics reporting

  • Custom-built metrics dashboard
  • Custom business analytics specific to private practice
  • Guidance on revenue growth (including revenue reports)
  • Breakdown by CPT code, provider, and service type
  • CPT statistics broken down by clinician for larger group practices


Group practices

  • Increased reimbursements
  • Claims denial support (to include guidance and support on appeals)
  • Transparent reporting
  • Decreased operational costs
  • And much more


Consultation services

  • Consulting on your HIPAA Compliance Plan
  • Consulting on your Medical office Compliance Plan
  • Auditing Physician Charts and Encounters
  • Reviewing encounter forms for correct coding
  • On-sight review of front desk and billing procedures for increased profitability
  • Auditing credentialing contracts with insurance carriers
  • And more


Resilience Billing

Have you considered outsourcing your billing operations to a third party but are unsure if it’s right for your business? As the leading experts in medical billing, our team will review the ins and outs of your billing to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible to ensure maximum profitability. 


Our services are exclusive to psychotherapy and psychiatric practices. Regardless of the size of your practice, your business can benefit from partnering with a medical billing company. Our team leverages their expertise to tailor our therapy and medical billing services to the specific needs and requirements of your behavioral health group practice.


Contact a member of our team to learn more.