Billing Within Your Own Platform

We’ll come to you! If your practice is currently utilizing one of the health record platforms that we have in our toolbox, we can log in and function from within your own platform, requiring very little on your part (except for you to go home earlier!). We’ll help you complete the required paperwork under HIPAA, and get to work right away.

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EHR Adoption Services

Don’t have and EHR system but would like one? No problem. We have several we can point you towards, and can help roll out our billing services as you go. We provide supportive consultation that includes guidance from our business team in tandem with a Licensed Clinical Psychologist that understands the nuances of confidentiality and private practice issues.

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Support for the Paper and Pen Clinicians

Not ready for the world of electronic health records just yet? No problem. We’ll meet you where you are and will help you with that jump if you get ready in the future. Our operating software will allow us to submit electronic claims on your behalf and navigate electronic deposits into your practice bank account, letting you get paid faster with fewer trips to the local bank branch. Call for a consult today!

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Consulting, Training, & Support

Mental health is a particularly challenging area of healthcare billing and it is our primary specialty. We have a very structured process that is easy to learn, and seamless to integrate into your workflow.

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Ready to Get Started?

We are here to help answer any question you may have and to share how Resilience Billing helps practices like yours each and every day.