Why Work With Resilience Billing?

As healthcare providers face ever increasing cost and revenue pressures, the last thing they can afford to do is leave money on the table. Unfortunately, it happens all too often, costing practices valuable profits. That’s where we can help!
At Resilience Billing, we are the solution psychologists and psychiatrists turn to for their medical billing needs. We leverage our experience and knowledge within the behavioral health industry to expertly streamline and resolve all of our clients’ accounts receivable management needs.
We provide the support needed to empower solo practitioners and group practices to expand their practice and increase their revenue streams.
Our services are 100% dedicated to behavioral health medical billing needs.
We empower our clients with a personalized support staff to ensure the most efficient billing practices.
We are dedicated to hiring qualified staff and continually train in the latest innovative solutions.
We leverage the latest advanced technologies to understand, meet, and exceed our client’s expectations.
We work with dozens of private practices, including solo practitioners, group psychotherapy practices, psychiatric providers and institutional teaching clinics.
Our team of billing experts work with the innovative platforms proven most effective for successful revenue cycle management, including TherapyNotes and Kareo.

Ready to optimize your medical billing to increase revenue and grow your practice?

Whether you are a solo practice looking to grow or a large group practice looking to streamline your billing and business operations, we are here to help. Our innovative software and specialized services solutions quickly drive significantly improved results for cost savings and increased revenue and cash flow. Regardless of the size of your practice, your business can benefit from partnering with a medical billing company.